Nick Ridler - bibliography

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A collection of useful documents

1. JCGM Guides



GUM Supplement 1

GUM Supplement 2

2. Standards and Guides

Original EURAMET VNA Guide

IEEE Std 1785.1-2012

IEEE Std 1785.2-2016

IEEE Std 1785.3-2016

IEC 60153-1: Waveguides - General requirements

IEC 60153-2: Waveguides  - Details

IEC 60154-1: Flanges - General requirements

IEC 60154-2: Flanges - Details

MIL-DTL-85/3D: Waveguides

MIL-DTL-3922/67D: Flanges

IEEE Std 521: Waveguide letter names

EIA RS 261 B: Waveguide WR names

IEEE Std 287-2007

IEC SMA coax connector standard

IEC 0.8 mm coax connector standard

ISO 21748: Repeatability, reproducibility and trueness estimates for measurement uncertainty


3. Uncertainties

Metrologia paper by Anthony O'Hagan

Metrologia paper by D R White

Adriaan van der Veen - Bayesian Methods paper

Elster - Metrologia MCMC example

Ehrlich - Terminology paper in Metrologia

Elster - Bayesian uncertainty paper in Metrologia

4. Coax connectors

ANAMET Connector Guide

J P Ide - connector compatibility

1.35 mm connector - slides

Bill Oldfield > 100 GHz connectors

Weinschel paper

5. Strategy documents

Electech sector: a roadmap for the UK (Sept 2019)

National Measurement Strategy - delivery plan 2017-2020

UK Industry Strategy (Jan 2017)

UK Digital Strategy

UK 5G Strategy 

DCMS - 5G Testbeds & Trials Programme

DCMS - 5G Innovation Network

National Infrastructure Commission: Connected Future

IHS - The 5G economy: How 5G technology will contribute to the global economy

ITU-R: IMT Vision 2015

Ofcom: UK Report on the outcome of WRC-15


NIST 5G paper (IEEE Microwave Magazine 2017)

6. Others

Tony Kerr - Waveguide Mismatch Report

ITU-R: Atmospheric attenuation

Murray Niman - EuMW 2006 waveguide paper 

5G mm-wave frequencies

Maurice Cox - Key comparison data - Part 1

Maurice Cox - Key comparison data - Part 2